Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering was formed in 2008. The Polytechnic program will prepare students for a variety of industry jobs, jobs in R & D and even for a degree in Computer Engineering. The vision of the department is to enable India’s excellence in the world of Computer Engineering. The driving mission of the department is to advance the frontiers of research in Computer Engineering

We are committed to give students an environment to nurture their talent in to its fullest potential. This is achieved by learned faculty members, year round conduction of numerous seminars, guest lectures, and industry academia interaction, co-curricular & extracurricular activities. We strive to transform the students not only into good professionals but a good human being and a dutiful citizen.


Prof. Mahesh S. Pokharkar.ME(Computer)*
Samarth Polytechnic, Belhe,Pune


Mission and Vision


Faculty :

Sr. No Name of teaching Staff Designation Date of Joining Qualification Specialization Total Experience in year
01 Prof. Pokharkar M.S. HOD & Professor 01/02/2010 B.E.,ME* Computer 6
02 Prof. Baradkar M.M. Professor 22/02/2012 B.E. Computer 5
03 Prof. Ms. Nilakh D.N. Professor 10/06/2014 B.E. Computer 2
04 Prof. Ms. Wabale S.S. Professor 20/06/2014 B.E. Computer 2
05 Prof. Wavhal R.G. Professor 20/06/2014 B.E.,M.E. Computer 0.6
06 Prof. Nijave M.S. Professor 03/07/2013 B.E. Computer 0.6
07 Ms. Sadafule J. Lab Assistant
08 Ms. Phapale Lab Assistant